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Trimming Styles 
The following provides ideas about trimming.  As with all mangrove activity, it's highly recommend that you consult a Professional Mangrove Trimmer before interacting with mangroves.
If you want to have a view through large trees, then selective limb removal will raise the foliage. Windowing will allows a view, yet still gives you some shade, some privacy, windbreak and a place for birds.

If you'd like a view across the top of your mangroves, then trim them into a hedged shape.  Some trees have all of their leaves in the upper canopy.  If trimming the canopy removes all of the leaves then top trimming can only be done to a level that doesn't defoliate or otherwise damage the tree. You should not hedge red mangroves or mature black mangroves.  Generally, hedging cannot lower the plants less than 6 ft. unless the site has had a legally established lower trimming height and a review and approval of historic documentation has been performed by the agency.

This provides a view through the taller trees.

Note: Mangroves can only be trimmed to a minimum of 6 FT above the substrate in accordance with S. 403.9326(1)(a)(b) and 403.9327(3), unless the property owner has documentation that a lower trimming height is legally grandfathered.

Note: Trimmed material must be collected because it is considered fill if added to the wetland and trimmed leaves take longer to break down than the normally dropped leaves.
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